Monday, May 14, 2018

some airplay

Dave Warmbier (formerly of Detroit's legendary The Hearing Trumpet) was kind enough to play an excerpt from my radio art series "The Long Play" on his radio show "The Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound" (actually, this is my second appearance on the show!). The show was broadcast on KEPW, Eugene, OR on May 12/18 and featured a great selection of music/sound/noise including Yma Sumac, Oa, Sick Llama, Small Cruel Party, Francisco Lopez, Toy Bizarre, Tod Dockstader, Thomas Koner, and many others. You can listen to an archived version of the show on mixcloud.

- W.A.Davison

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Long Play 4

Episode 4 of my radio art series "The Long Play" is online now at Mixcloud!

- W.A.Davison

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Some documentation from my recent performance with Lorne Shapiro and Neil Wiernik:

- W.A.Davison

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Audiopollination 61

I'll be appearing in Audiopollination #61 this Friday (Friday the 13th!) in a trio with Lorne Shapiro and Neil Wiernik. Neil and I haven't played together in ages, possibly since our days together in Urban Refuse Group in the 90s! Lorne is a new friend and this will be my first performance with him (although we have collaborated in a recording before). Looking forward to it! Details follow:


Audiopollination #61

Fri., April 13, 2018
8pm - 11pm
Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave., Toronto


The Audiopollination for April is on Friday the 13th. So come put on your hockey masks and join us for a fun night of improvised music and murder (bring your own lake)

Set 1 Brodie Chisholm/ Nicolas Buligan/ Andrew Kay
Set 2 Lorne Shapiro/ William Davison/ Neil Wiernik
Set 3 Will Austin/ MJ Wright/ Luca Capone
Set 4 Kayla Milmine / Bea Labikova / Sarah Peebles


Hope to see you there!

- W.A.Davison

Friday, March 30, 2018

TCB Anniversary!

Looking forward to participating in Track Could Bend #37 - Third Anniversary All-Star Spectacular! Guess that makes me one of the stars. Yay! Here are the details:


Track Could Bend #37: Third Anniversary All-Star Spectacular!

Tuesday, April 3, 8 PM - 11 PM
Arrayspace, 155 Walnut Avenue, Toronto

improvised music + weird rock offshoots, presented by Mechanical Forest Sound

PWYC / doors @ 8 / show @ 8:15 / done @ 11
[we'll have a lot of music to get played! We'll be starting earlier than usual!]

Joe says, "Much to my surprise and delight, Track Could Bend has been around for three full years! To celebrate, I have invited everyone who's played in the past year to come back for a special anniversary blowout. The night will feature instant "bands from a hat", drawn at random right before the players head up on stage!"

"Bands from a hat players" (subject to change!): Jakob Rehlinger, Craig Renaud, Luke Kuplowsky, Diane Roblin, Mira Martin-Gray, William A. Davison, Katie Jensen, Mani Mazinani, Matt Nish-Lapidus, Heidi Chan, Justin Huang Ford, Bea Labikova, Chris Trotter, Michael Keith, Kat Estacio + more to be added!

**ALSO!!** Fabulous door prizes!

FB event page -


Hope to see you there!

- W.A.Davison

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Long Play 3

"The Long Play - Episode 3 - Hot Fudge" is now available on Mixcloud!

- W.A.Davison

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Vies De Saint-Artaud

S.Higgins and I have a collaborative collage in Vies De Saint-Artaud by Quebec publisher La vert├Ębre et le rossignol. This 116 page perfect-bound book features the work of over 75 artists from the International Surrealist Network and is available for purchase in print or pdf form from Lulu -

- W.A.Davison